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Who Really Cares?

Who Really Cares?

I sit here in this cell reflecting upon the words of a few Marvin Gaye songs, “What’s Going On?”, Mercy, Mercy Me & Who Really Cares?

Sometimes when I’m in this reflective mood I tend to throw out questions to those around me & make them conscious of not only what is going on around them but also what is going on within. That’s what Marvin’s words bring to me because I’m one who really cares and I dare to rise above the petty so called differences that would cause a sane mind to ask-

What’s Going On? Mercy Mercy Me – I remember when I was younger and not only hated myself but also the world around me because I was a man child in a promised land who was always lied to and promises made were always broken so I learned no to trust anyone. Anything I was able to acquire was always taken from me or lost and destroyed till I learned not to care or expect anything out of life except for hard learned lessons learned hard. And I know alot of you have experienced the same and worst. But life itself is a chllenge and life is meant to be lived! I’m not talking about just going along and existing or surviving. I’m talking about living!

DeAndre Williams 99A0052

Upstate Correctional Facility

PO Box 2001

Malone, NY 12953

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