Today’s Forecast – An Inmate’s Thoughts…


Good Morning…

On this day in life you should expect to start off with a 30% chance of drowsiness. That is expected until you receive your cleansing showers for the day.

Then you should expect the Northern Winds to blow you outside into a sunny day depending on your location for those of us lucky enough.

There shouldn’t be any storm clouds to block the path of your day.

Problems may arise around noon when you run into other personal weather systems to be ready you should bring a positive umbrella and sunny smile to spread the good weather or detour the bad.

By mid-afternoon you should be clear and warm, headed back towards your own personal paradise.

For the evening you should expect to have a 50/50 chance of mild or cool situations.

And the late night will be greeted with comforting lows brought to you personally by the SAND MAN.

Isiah Stover 1000297101

Walker State Prison – Dorm 3

PO Box 98

Rock Spring, GA 30739


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