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11:11 – What Does it Mean?

I’m a philosopher of New Age – Metaphysics – Spirituality – Theosophy – Paranormal activity. Due to space restrictions I’m limited to all my philosophical views that I want to share. So I’ll share a few on one subject per blog to provoke your thought adjusters.

If you google the numbers 11-11, you’ll see that people all around the world have been seein 11-11 on digital clocks, receipts, newspapers, books, etc. Ma ny people have their views on wht thsese numbers mean. I’m going to share a couple of my therories, if you want to hear many others I have then contact me.

It is said that where attention goes energy flows. So what if 11-11 is a government conspiracy to get as many people on the planet to focus their attention at a certain time so that they can harness that energy to further their agenda.

Normally when you disconnect an electrical appliance with a digital clock on it then plug it back up it flashes 12:00 or 11:11. With that said could 11:11 and the fast approaching 2012 be a sign that this virtual reality will become unplugged or reset?

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